D.&P. Service provides the complete analysis of the client’s problems about the PCB design:

Pre-Layout Analysis: Using appropriate modeling and simulation technologies, we provide characterization results, margin analysis and design rules for use in directing layout.


Post-Layout Analysis: Using 2-D and 3-D field solvers with board level signal integrity tools, we provide post-layout analysis and final design guidance for timing margins, crosstalk and signal integrity constraints.

D.&P. Service models, simulates and measures to understand the limits of approximations in tools and their effect on system performance. Our modeling capability includes

3-D/2-D Structure Modeling: Using 3-D field solver, D.&P. Consulting develops models of the structures used in high-performance interconnect (for example, complex connectors and via transitions), considering the bandwidth required for each specific application. For the planar structures, we employ 2-D field solvers to extract the characterization of lossy transmission lines. Using 3-D and 2-D field solvers, we analyze the PCB behavior to perform design space characterization of interconnect and systems

IBIS, HSPICE and S-Parameters formats: To analyze the Signal Integrity, we use the IBIS, HSPICE and S-Parameters models to characterize the components behavior and integrate them in the simulation environment.

Substrate Materials Modeling: Using 3-D and 2-D field solvers, we can characterize the PCB stack up including the realistic features of the used materials, for example FR-4, Rogers 5870, Taconic TLY-5, etc… This characterization allows to define completely the PCB behavior.