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The PCIe2VME Extender system is a high performance extender system that allows the control of a VME system and Slave board through a standard PC. The system is composed of a VME board, a  PCI Express cable and PCI Express  adapter. The VME board is a Eurocard 6U board  equipped  with  a  standard  VME  Interface  and  2  PMC  slot.  The  PCI  Express  adapter  is available for standard PC or for Express Card slot. The PCI Express Cable length can be up to 3 m.
The VME Expander is recognized automatically by the Operative System. The VME Host Function can be controlled completely from the SW, developed under standard PC environment. The drivers and the SW, developed for the PMC board and installed over the VME board, are completely re-utilizable.


ATE equipment.

VME Host processor controlled by standard PC with PCI Express 1x or Express Card Slot.

VME Interface :

VME ANSI/VITA 1 – 1994);

PCI Express Interface :

PCI Express 1x Lane, ver 1.0;

PCI Express Adapter:

PCI Express Adapter for standard 1x PC Slot;

Express Card Adapter for Notebook;

PMC Slots:

PCI 32 bit @ 66 MHz VIO = 3.3V;


PCI Express cable 1x 1m, 2m and 3m.


Air Cooling;

Operating Temperature 0 to +50 C°;
Non-operating (Storage) Temperature -40 to 65 C°.



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