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SMGCS Radar Data Processor (1), or Digital Receiver Module is possible to connect each other, via Serial Rapid_IO and Discrete Signals (single ended/differential), more PMC_Processor Modules in a modular  way, in order to grow up the Processing Power or the I/O capability.

PCI Carrier + Processor Module + Analog Front End


PCI Carrier :

PC_PCI form factor;

PMC/XMC sites (Signal Processor board, Processor board, Adapter IF 1/2);

dual Serial Rapid_IO inside connection, between the two PMC_PMs located on the same Carrier;

dual Serial Rapid_IO outside connection from each PMC_PM to other PMC_PMs located on different Carriers;

Processing Unit Architecture Design :



Support Equipments :

Consolle for Radar Control and PPI Video Presentation: PC via LAN develop by D&P;


Consolle Radar Control and PPI :

This is a Consolle for Radar Control and PPI Video Presentation for Radar Data Processing systmes implemented for PC via LAN application by D&P.

SMGCS Radar Raw Video Presentation

SMGCS Radar Raw Video PresentationD&P.

SMGCS Radar Synthetic Video Presentation

SMGCS Radar Synthetic Video PresentationD&P.

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