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The Processor board is a high performance reconfigurable processor module with PMC/XMC form factor (PCI Mezzanine Card with two XMC connector) based on the Xilinx Virtex-5 Fpga and on the TI TMS320C6455 Fixed-Point Digital Signal Processor.
Virtex5 FPGA with his DSP Blocks, FW programmable, and the high-performance fixed-point TI DSP Processor, high level language SW programmable, provide a very high and flexible processing power.


Xilinx Virtex5  (XC5VLX50/85/110T; XC5VSX50/95T )

FPGA _RAM : 128/256 MBytes DDR2 RAM, 4/16 Mbytes QDR II SRAM


DSP _Core :

High-Performance Fixed-Point DSP TI TMS 320C6455;

DSP _RAM : 128/256 MBytes DDR2 RAM, 16 MBytes FLASH EPROM

Std. Interface :

PCI, LAN, Serial RapidIO, RocketIO


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