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IF Digital Receiver Board ( under construction )


Board compilant with VME/VXS std.

Two IF Input Channels : 1 to 3 GHz bandwidth.

Two 8 bit @ 3 Ghz A/D Converters

External / Internal Sampling Clock Source

Processing Channels

One Fpga Virtex5 SX95T per channel

640 DSP Slices

94K Logic cells (new 6 input lut architecture), Internal Block ram 8.7 MBits

16 RocketIO GTP Transceiver (3.125 GBit/s mas)

Data Fusion Controller

One FPGA Virtex5 LX220T

128 DPS Slices

221K Logic cells (new 6 input lut architecture), Internal Block ram 7.6 MBits

16 RocketIO GTP Transcevicer (3.125 Gbits/s max)

VME Interface and Optical Interface

High Speed Interconnections

6 RocketIO Links interconnect each other the FPGAs

2/4 RocketIO Links are provided to interconnect each FPGA to extern board (VXS Compilant)


Dynamic mechanical analysis (abbreviated DMA, also known as dynamic mechanical spectroscopy) is a technique used to study and characterize materials.It is most useful for studying the viscoelastic behavior of polymers.

The study of mechanical analysis is performed by C & C s.r.l. of Rome in collaboration with

D & P Electronics systems s.r.l.

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